Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Where Are The Liberal Protests Now?

Attorney General Eric Holder endorsed the Senate’s version of legislation that would extend three provisions of the Patriot Act that are slated to expire at the end of the year.
Holder wrote in a letter today to Senate Judiciary Committee members that he offers “strong support” for the USA Patriot Act Sunset Extension Act, which would reauthorize the “lone wolf,” records and “roving wiretap” powers. By contrast, a House version of the bill would not continue the “lone wolf” provision, which lets the government track targets who don’t have any discernible affiliation with terrorist or other foreign groups.                                                                                                                    This is unbelievable to me. It was the left that cryed and protested the Patriot Act when Bush put it into action. But now that the Democrats have the power they are hypocriticly silent. Where have all the liberal protesters gone? Are they only conserved about Glenn Beck and Fox News? Are they so busy chasing "Right Wing Extreemist" that they are letting the real terrorist go? Are they trying to hide terrorist like Hasan's  FT.Hood terrorist attack from we the people at the same time trying to tell America that the "Teabaggers" are the real threat to this country? I would like to hear from the brave Americans on both sides of the issues. Your opinion counts even if we might not agree. Take the time to post your views. Thank you


  1. Well, if they protested any of this Chris then they would lose their hypocritical status, so I don't see that happening. Plus their founder Soros wants to spy on Americans, as long as he and his puppet Obama are the ones doing the spying. However they don't realize that they are losing the right to protest when Republicans take control of the White House and Congress in a couple of years.

    Atheist George Soros Funds

    Capital Research Center "Foundation Watch" has published a two-part series on atheist and one-worlder George Soros and his financial support of, a leftist web site dedicated to the election of John Kerry as the next president.The CRC notes that is actually three different organizations: a nonprofit educational group; a lobbying organization; and a political action committee. Soros and other millionaire liberals have poured as much as $15 million into this group (Note, this is from 2004, so I'm sure they have poured much more than that into the organizations by now). also gets money from the Iraq Peace Fund and other left-leaning foundations. Soros is also funding the Center for American Progress and America Coming Together—two additional leftist groups seeking to overhaul America’s moral values and to impose a socialist economy upon us.

  2. I didn't know that. There is just too much going on with this new American gov't. It seems as though they are refounding our country. They are telling us to shut up and take it.

  3. Holder backing the PATRIOT ACT with NO backlash at this time is PUZZELING to say the least since there was so much PROTEST by the LIBS when Bush was in charge. It does show how LIBS can CHANGE their colors to fit their AGENDA. Libs are more concerned about Political Agenda than saftey of AMERICAN CITIZENS and that is ASHAME!

    Ft Hood Terrorist attack and that is what is was SHOULD have been PREVENTED with info that was know about this Terrorist BUT Political Correctness ,a LIBS best freind,prevented people in Military from coming forward and they should be PUNISHED for this FATAL mistake!
    American Citizens NOW would not stand for the taking away of those provisions of the Patriot Act and LIBS know it and could not spin it or they WOULD have!

    As that great News man Chris Matthews said yesterday should not a person be able to call a TERRORIST network if he choses, and that says alot about MAIN STREAM MEDIA!


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