Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Where are the jobs Mr. President?

Obama's Fuzzy Math

What is a 'saved job' exactly?  This admin is so full of crap they don't buy what they are saying. But the left wing sure does buy whatever Obama says lock,stock and barrel. Keep buying it you sheeple and when you finally wake up from you sleep it will be too late for your idealogy and party. On the #1 most importand thing the govt can do is get health care now.#2 is the economy and jobs. I think this is also what is the White Houses priorities. Is that your priorty for all the out of work and under work Americans? I just don't think they really care about American workers unless they are union. We are at a 10.2% unemployment and rising and the govt doesn't seem to have a clear plan or a real care for the small business' that create 78% of the jobs in this country.


  1. The only true job increases are in the government job sector. You know, the jobs that increase the burden of the government on the taxpayers, without creating one penny of wealth for the country. Bigger government, yeah, THAT'S the answer! Plus they are union jobs, so good luck ever cutting that cancerous, leeching job out.

    But then, that's the aim of this administration.

    Did you notice the new communist signs by the side of the road? Instead of a hammer and sickle it's a stick-figure with a shovel.

  2. The communist party is as strong now as ever before in our history. The Democrats,minus the Blue Dogs, have the same idealogy as the Communist Party. My Grandpa is rolling in his grave right now because of what the Democrats have become. The conservatives better wake up in both parties or there will be a strong third party movement. I believe we need to help get both the Democrats and the Republicans back to their conservative values. The values that made this country the greatest nation the world has ever known. We don't throw the baby out with the bath water.

  3. Those SHOVEL JOBS are going to be the ones that are at CEMETARIES burying us OLD people that will be turned down because of age with life saving procedures.

    JOBS are the answer and this Administrations purpose which to me appears to be on PURPOSE is to destroy this Countries Economy and make all in time DEPENDENT on GOVERNMENT for their needs.

    Why else would a Administration with, as we are told, great minds SPEND TAX money until we are in so much DEBT we can NEVER get out. You do not have to be CPA to figure out that by spending Trillions you cannot get out of DEBT!

    Private Sector when given the chance can bring JOBS back. This Administration by its actions is attemting to destroy Private Sector PERIOD!

  4. AL today I heared two men talking about old people needing to die younger to save Medicare and Social Security. I noticed they got into a Honda with a sticker Obama/Biden on it. The elderly aren't dogs that should be put down to save money.

  5. I know where there are 535 Jobs to be filled in Washington next November. Now heres a thought. With alot of Citizens having to take PAY cuts to keep there JOBS and alot of there JOBS are based on PREFORMANCE why dont these ELITE 535 take a PAY CUT/BENIFIT CUT that they seem so EAGER to take away from PRIVATE SECTOR CEOs. Seems they have a DOUBLE STANDARD in there EMPOYMENT thinking. Just another EXAMPLE of the EMPLOYEES telling us the EMPLOYERS to stick it in are ass and SMILE. Got news for those 535,we aint smiling anymore!


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