Monday, November 2, 2009

Michelle Bachmann Blasts The New Health Care Reform Bill

Michelle Bachmann was interviewed by Hannity and said, the “Government Option” as a “funnel that’ll eventually suck everybody into it”.
Bachmann says the bill will “…collapse private insurance so that everyone will fold into a single-payer government system…”
I think of it more as a black hole who’s immense gravity will warp the very space around it, pulling people out of their orbits and sucking them into the doom that is Barney Frank, Pelosi, and the left’s concept of health care with only one choice in America; one run by a corrupt, inept group of leftist Democrats.


  1. Wow, Chris, keep bringing in the most batshit crazy members of the Republican party to make your points.

    I'll just sit here and laugh my ass off.
    Thanks for the entertainment.

  2. Your welcome Bruce but what did she say that was so "batshit crazy"? Is it that she is conservative? Or is it that she is a powerful woman like Palin and Clinton and you are so sexist that you have to put her down by calling her crazy?

  3. LMAO. A powerful woman. She is anything but and it's not that she's a woman, it's that she's crazy. Nice try, though.

  4. See there you go again just calling her crazy without telling us why you think she is crazy. Sounds a little sexist to me. You do come from a sexist/racist party and you are showing symptumes of sexism. Most of these readers don't remember how you went after Palin and her daughters. You treated them like they were objects not people.

  5. Chris, I'm saying she's crazy because nothing she is saying has any relationship to the truth, Chris.

    Michelle Bachman has time after time proven that she doesn't know what she's talking about.

    Death panels are NOT in the bill. My god, why don't you guys attack what is really in the bill if you want any credibility at all.

  6. Bruce give me some examples of where she has not told the truth. What is she wrong about Bruce?? Death panels are not in the bill? Who told you that Bruce? I know you didn't read and understand the 1990 pg bill. So what proof do you have that she is lieing? It sounds to me like you don't have a basis for your prejudgous. Or did you just assume that she is wrong because the Democrats would never have death panels or abortions on this bill?

  7. WASHINGTON, D.C., October 30, 2009 - They're back. The provisions on advanced-planning directives labeled "death panels" by concerned observers have re-emerged in the final version of the US House of Representatives health-care reform bill. Moreover, the bill also lacks protective language that would prevent reimbursement of physicians counseling assisted suicide as a legitimate "end-of-life" option in states like Washington and Oregon.

    Section 240 of H.R. 3962 "Affordable Health Care for America Act" requires insurance companies offering a "qualified health benefits plan" on the health insurance exchange to provide information related to "end-of-life planning" to enrolled individuals.

    Although the section stipulates that advance directives "shall not promote suicide, assisted suicide, euthanasia, or mercy killing," none of the terms are defined in the bill. That poses a problem since some states like Oregon and Washington have laws legalizing physician-assisted suicide, but these states employ different terms.

    Oregon instead has opted for the terms "physician-assisted death" or "physician aid in dying" as substitutes for "physician assisted suicide" after the pro-euthanasia group Compassion & Choices (the former Hemlock Society) asked the state's health and human services department for the language change. The state of Washington has also followed suit.

    On that basis, a huge loophole could emerge through H.R. 3962, by which the distribution of "end of life" materials could also include information about assisted suicide options in states such as Oregon and Washington. The bill makes clear that nothing in that section should be construed to preempt a patient's decision to "withhold or withdraw of medical treatment or medical care" or to "withhold or withdraw of nutrition or hydration." The bill also makes clear that sec. 240 shall not be "construed to preempt or otherwise have any effect on State laws regarding advance care planning, palliative care, or end-of-life decision-making."

    Compassion & Choices was revealed earlier in the summer as a major player behind incorporating the "advanced directives" language and as the only resource on an advanced directives manual for Veterans Hospital patients which critics warned appeared designed to lead patients to the conclusion that their "life is not worth living."

    A number of analysts have also feared that incentivizing doctors to offer "end-of-life planning consultations" could lead to senior citizens, the terminally ill, or disabled, being pressured into accepting lower quality care from a doctor who figures he can receive higher reimbursement rates for talking with a patient about when or how he can refuse treatment.

  8. Bruce, back up what you are saying. Everybody else does it, why must you show how idiotic you and your ideology are by not backing anything you say up with some facts? Why are you so afraid of facts and the truth?

    Most people (myself included) would call YOU batshit crazy because you go off on all these rants but they are only your nutjob opinions, not facts. We have the bill, we can show you whatever you want in there. Chris posted a good portion of it in another blog, did you read that?

    Bruce, did you save $$ on a costume and just go out as batshit for Halloween?

  9. Bruce has a hard-on for this bill, because it includes abortions and he can't wait to slaughter more black babies. Bruce, you are so liberal even Obama thinks you are too extreme! Stop trying to kill little boys and little girls Bruce, and stop trying to get your hands on the plugs to the machines keeping my Grandma and Grandpa alive.

    You sick F**KER, stop killing the innocent and old and infirm. You kill more people than all the insurance companies put together, murderer. I hope liberals are the first to be put down when they start rationing the rights to stay alive. After all, liberals don't provide a damn thing to this world, except misery.

  10. Go to and sent your Representative and Senators a message regarding this monstrous 1900-page abortion of a bill. This includes you too Bruce; I'm sure you aren't too impressed with the 1900-page love-letter that the Democrats in Congress wrote for the insurance industry, drug companies, and trial-lawyers. And at the same time they pissed all over the folks on Medicare Advantage, Right-to-Life, and many others. Wow, these Democrats... even Democrats like Bruce can't defend their actions, can he?! Let's hear it Bruce, let's hear you defend this 1900-page rape bill. I don't know WHAT Pelosi and Reid are thinking!! They are SO in the pocket of these industries that it's not even funny! Bruce, your Democrats are the biggest bunch of whores out there. I thought prostitution was illegal, except in Nevada... hmmmm.... guess where Reid is from!?! ROFLMAO

    Here is the letter you should send, using's tools:

    Congress passed the Patriot renewal bill in 2006, only to discover later that someone had inserted a provision allowing the President to appoint U.S. Attorneys without Senate approval. This year, Congress passed the stimulus bill with the AIG bonuses.

    Nearly everyone in Congress was shocked when they learned what they had passed. This happened because Congress didn't read these bills before they voted on them. This is irresponsible.

    Will you ever learn?

    Now the House leadership wants a rapid vote on a 1,900 page health care bill. This isn't just irresponsible, it's crazy. This so-called health care bill has become a cancerous tumor. Plus, as usual, I'm sure there will be last minute insertions that will surprise everyone once they're exposed to the light of day.

    The best protection against all this insanity is's Read the Bills Act (RTBA). Unlike watered-down proposals currently being considered in Congress, the RTBA will allow the people to read the final versions of bills for seven days before a vote. It will also require each member of Congress who votes yes for a bill to swear that they've read it -- goodbye to the claims of shock when the actual contents of a bill are actually implemented.

    Behind the "read the bills" movement is the understanding of the American people that the legislative process is un-representative, ignorant, and distasteful. Members of Congress who continue to ignore this problem will fuel a bigger and louder backlash.

  11. Here is what the House Health Care bill means for you:

     No more co-pays or deductibles for preventive care (2013, 2010 for Medicare)
     Requires State Medicaid programs to cover preventive services recommended to the Secretary of HHS based on evidence. (2010)
     No more rate increases for pre-existing conditions, gender, or occupation (2013)
     An annual cap on your out-of-pocket expenses (2013)
     Guaranteed, affordable oral, hearing, and vision care for your kids (2013)

    GREATER CHOICE (These Provisions begin in 2013)
     Keep your doctor, and your current plan, if you like them
     The Choice of a public health insurance plan option, available across the country
     The public plan will be required to meet the same benefit requirements, and comply with the same insurance market reforms as private plans.
     Plan premiums would vary by geographic area based on costs in the local markets.
     Individuals in the exchange, including individuals eligible for affordability credits, can choose among the private insurers and the public option.

     Strengthen and expand programs that promote diversity in the health workforce. (2012)
     Require HHS Secretary to identify key health and health care disparities as part of a National Prevention and Wellness Strategy initiative. (2012)
     Direct the Task Force on Clinical Preventive Services and the Task Force on Community Preventive Services to take relevant health and health care disparities into account as they develop and disseminate evidence‐based recommendations on the use of preventive services. (2013)
     Target at least half of the funding in a new grants program for the delivery of preventive health services at the community level to proposals with the primary purpose of addressing health or health care disparities. Eligible grantees include “health empowerment zones”, areas in which a community partnership provides multiple preventive health services. (2013)
     Enhance the scholarship programs for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. (2012)

     No more coverage denials for pre-existing conditions. (2013)
    o Insurers cannot consider pre-existing conditions beyond 30 days. (2010)
    o The waiting period for excluding certain benefits is reduced from 12 months to 3 months. (2010)
     Rate review to prevent insurers from price gouging. Discourages excessive price increases by insurance companies through review and disclosure of insurance rate increases. (2010)
     Allows individuals to keep their COBRA coverage until the Exchange is up and running. (2010)
     Immediate help for the uninsured. Creates a fund to finance an immediate, temporary insurance program for those who are uninsurable because of pre-existing conditions. (2010)
     Provides for a 50% discount on brand-name drugs in the Part D donut hole, and immediately shrinks the size of the donut hole by $500 in 2010.
     No more lifetime limits on how much insurance companies will pay (2013)
     Employers are required to offer coverage to their workers and their workers’ families with minimum contributions and meet standards for that coverage or pay a penalty of 8% of their payroll to help offset the cost of their workers obtaining coverage through the Exchange. (2013)
     Expands Medicaid to 150% of poverty to ensure that people obtain affordable health care in the most efficient and appropriate manner. (2013)
     Establishes a list of ‘minimum services to be covered’ in all plans which are referred to as the ‘essential benefits’ including, Inpatient hospital services, outpatient hospital services, physician services, equipment and supplies incident to physician services, preventive services, maternity services, and prescription drugs. (takes effect 2013 inside exchange and 2018 for employers outside exchange)

  12. Wow is that right out of the web site? I like it when they give referance to a task of the bill. Kind of like my post on abortion did. What you gave is a wish list and if true would be a wonderful thing. The problem is the Devil is always in the details in any bill. Especially a bill that is 1,990 pgs. long with a reference in every other sentence. It's a bill that lawyers put together with the flare of a used car salesman.

  13. One more question Bruce. Who is and how is this bill getting paid for? I know that they are going to try and cut $500 billion from Medicare while at the same time giving a 150% rise in Medicaid. Sounds to me like the elderly are getting screwed.

  14. Bruce, there is NO SUCH THING as a free lunch. Even you must know that by now.

    God, you are so dumb. Like, box of ROCKS dumb. Do you approve of this bill Bruce? Even you must see how the Democrats have made this fit exactly what the insurance companies want! Just as I told you they would do! Just as The HuffPo and NPR said they did! It's in alllll the links I provided, but you keep your head in the sand idiot! The rest of us will be here cleaning up your stupid mess.

    Remember how much they said Medicare would cost by this time, versus how much it costs now? You Democrats have to be the dumbest thing on God's green Earth.

  15. They are right about all of this Bruce. You look like you took your marching orders from Soros himself. You didn't read one word of the bill and yet you fall lock and step with moveon's orders. Sheep question more then you liberals do.

  16. So, John, where is the Republican plan, huh?

    Republicans had six years of control of Congress and never took on health care?

    Why? Because they are tools of the insurance companies.


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