Monday, November 2, 2009

Remember How The Liberals Treated Bush?

ARMAGEDDON ON YOUR MIND (a patriotic/anti-Bush song parody)
  And those on the left act like they never did one thing wrong. This is just one of hundreds of videos made of Bush as Satan,Hitler,Mao etc...


  1. Click on the image to watch the video and then tell use what you think of it and how the left treated Bush and conservative Americans during the last 8 yrs since Gore lost the election.

  2. Liberals are the biggest hypocrites there are. Out of one side of their mouth they claim to support blacks and then out of the other side of their mouth they are supporting legislation that holds blacks back and destroys millions of black unborn children.

    Liberals, let's just call them what they are, Socialists at best, Communists at worst. Seriously, where else do their policies lead? I would like to know. It's never good enough, right, unless the wealth is spread evenly, right? Vomamike, Bruce, what do you guys think? How "even" is even enough?

    The video just shows how utterly hypocritical these liberals are. Sickening.

  3. Chris - Don't forget to check out Doug's blog -

    The conservative movement gains steam!

  4. Did anyone see the new Czar that Obama named? LOL, you have to check this one out:
    Mark Steyn: Obama makes Bush his blame czar
    It's now Obama's war, his jobless rate, his debt, etc.

    SATURDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2009

    So Much for Pencil-Pushers ...
    Big Guy pulled all of us into the Oval this morning after reading all of the morning clips and talking to his producer at MSNBC. He was really concerned about the press coverage of his Economic Stimulus and Jobs Creation and Salvation announcement yesterday.

    Gibbsy was concerned too. He said that Joey B's comments that reporters were perpetrating "calculator abuse" to disprove the jobs-saved numbers has all of the electronics-rights people up in arms. That was all Big Guy had to hear to jump into action. He issues a Presidential Order that ended the issuance of all government reports that require any form of mathematical formulation.

    All I can say, is where the hell has that electronics-rights group been for me the past two years?

  6. Chris - I'd like to say that the difference between anti Bush & anti Obama rhetoric was that in the case of Bush it was true - but that would be snarky wouldn't it!!!! There is a subtle difference, but pointless to bring it up. Anyhow, your point taken! Oh I see another piece of revisionist history by you. Bush didn't "beat" Gore - he got anointed by the Supreme Court.

    John - would you be happy if we brought back debtors prisons - indentured servitude or maybe even slavery? Sorry, I just can't buy your "plantation mentality".

  7. RE:vomamike
    Try as you might,but the Supreme Court did not "anoit" Bush,they stopped illegal re-counts that were pointless to begin with,,,,

    "The media reported the results of the study during the week after November 12, 2001. The results of the study showed that had the limited county by county recounts requested by the Gore team been completed, Bush would still have been the winner of the election."

  8. Good one One question Mike. Who became president of the USA? We do have and Electral College right? Bush beat Gore under the electral college and you guys have been bitching about losing to Bush ever since. The best part is you guys lost to him 2 times. The Dems lose for winning. What losers bwaaahahahahahaha.

  9. Vomamike, good answer to my question about how much the wealth should be spread around. Did I say anything about slavery or debtor's prison? WTF are you TALKING about, idiot?

    How rich is too rich Mike? Tell me, because I am curious about the level of "richness" that should be reached when the government has the right to lop off the excess and distribute it to the lazy and idiotic who can't figure out how to get a job.

  10. Time will tell who was the Greater President.The problem is that Obama and his Extremist Socialist Agenda may be the last Elected President if he and his Advisers who are of the same Political Views get their way.
    This Administration and its band of Merry Socialist are beginning to look like 1930 Europe and that should Concern all Citizens.
    one example: No one would try to FIX the Economy by doing what there doing! It is to me at least a PURPOSEFUL attack on the Private Sector and to Destroy Capitolism plain and simple. Any body with DEBT problem ever try SPENDING there way out of DEBT. Can not be DONE and this Administration KNOWS that!

  11. vomamike - Did Bush beat Kerry, or was he anointed by the Supreme Court then, too?

    What a rube you are. And how interesting how you always avoid the questions asked of you! We here are proud to answer any question put to us. All you guys can do is obfuscate, lie, and change the subject. You may have a future in politics!

    Plantation mentality indeed. You idiots are slaves to Obama and the Democrats. Which, since they are owned by the big corporations, banks, and trial lawyers, makes you slaves to the man! LOL, how does it feel doofus?!

  12. Chris - Did you see this attack on Beck? I'm sure the liberals will think it's quite hilarious to wish for the death of another human being. I think it is sick and despicable.

  13. John, you mean like when Beck talked about using poison on Nancy Pelosi? Since you watch him all the time, I'm sure you remember that, right? I assume you wrote and called the show and complained about that, right?

  14. John I'm sure that the left wish Beck was dead. Remember what a classless group the left is? They were the G 20 rioters and the ones that boo'ed Bush when he came out to speak. Just look up the word "Liberal" vs "Conservative" on this blog. The Liberals are into all kinds of sick things as a norm. On the conservative it is very rare that you see the same sick things. The libs are the group that want NAMBLAs support and give them their support. Even Obamas Safe School Czar is pro-NAMBLA.

  15. Bruce - As I said before, many times (you're really putting on an incredible display of your lack of reading/comprehending skills Bruce), I don't watch Beck. I don't know anything about Beck talking about poisoning Pelosi, but I also didn't write or call The Onion to complain about this.

    Bruce, you obviously think two wrongs make a right. You liberals always take the low-road.

    Furthermore, you say that Beck is not even a factor, that nobody watches Fox News, yada yada, but all I ever hear is the liberals attacking the guy. He's a TALK SHOW HOST for gosh sakes? What are you so afraid of, other than that maybe he hits a little too close to the truth? Bruce, you are all over the place with this guy. I don't see you liberals attacking the actual Republican politicians as much as you attack radio talk show hosts, etc. What gives Bruce? It's hilarious, because Olbermann and Maddow, nobody watches them, nobody cares what they say, they aren't even worth the time or energy to "attack". Furthermore, I don't see conservatives lowering themselves to that level. Nobody wants to be down in the sewer with the liberals. Two wrongs don't make a right Bruce. Try to take the high road for once.

    It is SICK to wish another person dead, as you clearly advocate.

  16. Bruce - How much did you give to the raped girls' fund?


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