Monday, November 2, 2009

Ron Paul On Larry King Live/Mike Moore On Larry King Live

Ron Paul vs. Michael Moore on Larry King CNN
Michael Moore: What We're Seeing is the End of Capitalism
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  1. Click on both videos and then comment on which view you think is more correct in your eyes.

  2. Is Moore an idiot or what? Ron Paul is the onlu one that makes sense.

  3. Chris - Moore is the dumbest P.O.S. I have ever seen. Although now that I think about it, he can't be the dumbest. The people like Fealk and vomamike who listen to, and believe him, are the dumbest P.O.S. that I have ever seen!

    Look at this clip Chris, where a Senior in college schools Moore. He's left blathering like an idiot, changing the subject and all around looking like a total fool! I want to buy this kid a beer.

    By the way, after the moderator butts in, there isn't much more to it, other than Moore making the outrageous claim that France doesn't mind paying a heap more taxes than us! ROFLMAO!!


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