Sunday, November 15, 2009

Time to Be Heard

Time to Be Heard   Click on this and watch what many in the black community think of the Democrats.


  1. Chris, I'm sure there are a few black conservatives, but I seem to remember 92% of African Americans voted for President Obama.

    I don't think any Republican wins anything with old white voters, which is the majorithy of the Republican party.

    Just because Glenn Beck found a few black conservatives, doesn't really mean much in electoral politics.

  2. Thigs are changing Bruce and you don't like the new change Obama has brought. You are right most blacks voted for Obama. They most likely still will the next election. Unless they don't get what they thought he was giving them when they voted for him. At the Troy protest at NBC there were over 15 African Americans protesting and saying the very same things. This is the beginning of an awakening of the conservative black community. The Martin Luther King Jr. conservative black community. Black for the most part do not agree with abortions,gay marriage and the other idiotic idealogies from the left. They are learning that the same party that inslaves them with tax and an entitlements that hold them down. Just look at what liberal idealogy has done to Detroit and all liberal run cities. The blacks see it better then all of us and now their is no "rich Republicans" to blame for the destruction of their cities and states. They are getting angry at the little box you liberals have put all blacks in. And people like me,Big Chris,John,Michael,Brian,Christopher,Doug,Glenn Beck and so on are helping wake up the black community. We conservatives are able to do that because we live with them. The rich white liberals like yourself live in the cities with the lowest pecent of black by design. While you liberal Democrats are inableing the black community we are impowering them. Our way takes longer but our way will last longer. We conservatives, black or white are getting tired of you liberals putting people in small boxes and then when somneone doesn't fit in the box you put them in you call them name. Like the "N" word or tell them they are porch "N".

  3. Good point, Chris. Bruce, if you're such an advocate and voice for the black community, you should really live closer to them. It's hard to hear your squeaky voice and lateral lisp in Detroit from all the way from Rochester Hills.

  4. Bruce doesn't like black very much. He just wants people to think he does. But he is afraid of them.

  5. We all kind of knew that. Many of my black friends and neighbors that read this blog feel the same way about the Liberal Taliban Al Quida.


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