Thursday, July 29, 2010

70% Of Americans Are Racist According To The Left

I know it's hard to believe but this country is mostly racist according to the left. The left also say that that 70% are against immigration as well. It's all about our hatred for the brown people. America has become a melanin hating nation. Even the dark legal immigrants are becoming racist against their own kind because we support the Arizona 1070. My gosh this sounds a lot like The Weather Underground manifesto to me. Thank goodness we have a president that is post racial to sue Arizona against the 70% of American racist supporters. And all the violence coming from these illegal immigrant rallies is nothing compared to the Tea Party violence. Even though Mexicans are calling us racially charged names and holding racist signs it's the Tea Partiers that are "dangerous". I'm wondering how Obama's approval rating went from 70% to 42%? Is that racism as well? But thanks too the left we all see how many racist we have in our country. After I write this post I'm going to call up all my black family members I'm sorry for being a racist. My black friends will also get that call. And I will need to write the 8 foreign exchange students we've hosted in our home because they all had darker skin then us. I'm going to demand that my white cousins give back their black adopted children because they are part of that 70% of America that agrees that it's illegal to be an illegal resident in this country. But I thank all the liberals out there for enlightening me. I never knew I was such a racist until Obama became president and the left started calling me a racist. All along I thought we all came from Adam and Eve and color meant nothing in the scheme of life and in society. I'm such a fool for not seeing what the left so clearly see in us. I'm sure I was just overcompensating for my racism by having so many people of color close to me. And for me to think that if you are living in America you should learn the language was just plan hateful of me. I know when I went to Mexico for 1 week with my then wife to be I learned Spanish. I even asked my wife to marry me in Spanish. And when I went to Korea I learned Korean. I learned Japanese,Swahili,Chinese... And because of my racism and hate for "immigrants" I have learned how to say hello in almost every language so I can make our legal immigrants feel welcome to this country. I was a legal immigrant in Japan so I know what it's like. So thank you left wing for showing me the way to rightiousness the liberal way. Now if I could ask one thing from the left? The dark skinned people from India, are they black,brown or what? And the black Hispanics are black or just Hispanic? And if a white guy was born in South Africa and they become a legal immigrant,are they African-American even though they are white? And in what class does the mulatto fall under? Does it depend on how dark their skin is or what percent of African is in their blood? And what should I do about my belief in the Holy Bible when it comes to us all being one blood? Sorry for my ignorance in this subject but I'm new to your liberal klan and I don't want to make any stupid mistakes. Oh what about Asians and Indians? I know scientifically their are only three groups Caucasoid,Mongoloid and Negroid and Asians and Indians fall under Mongoloid. How should the left treat them? Can they be racist against blacks and whites? And in the liberal mind if I'm called a "cracker" by a black, brown or yellow person is that racism or not? Dang this liberal who's who is tricky. Do you have a play book I could read? Is their an outfit that comes with the book so people know I'm not a racist? Maybe a scarlet letter A or an old native American symbol like the Germans used. That brings up another question. Is it OK to hate the Jews now? They are dark skinned but I've noticed they get picked on by the left all the time. And when the left go after the Jews is it the color of their skin,their religion or just their national origin you lefties hate? You know what? This liberal lifestyle is just too complicated for me. I think I'll just stay the way I am and go with the one blood theological way of thinking. Now I'm going to go out in the Sun so I can look more beautiful with darker skin. But for any of you liberal/Progressives out there please answer the questions for me if you can. They still need to be answered so we all know what is going on in those heads of yours. At least with the skin-heads and the Black Panthers I know where they are coming from. You on the left I haven't got a clue where you minds are on this subject. Please enlighten us all so we can understand your views of the 70% of American racist that agree with the Arizona law. God bless.


  1. Can you source the first sentence???

    You having a breakdown or something? Perhaps you went from tired to angry and violent? Can we get you some help?

  2. Are you serious Joe? 70% of Americans now agree with the AZ law. And since you libs on the fringe of this issue like to call us racist and the law sp 1070 racist and most of the lawless protesting this law have signs calling this law "Racist" it doesn't take a genius to figure it out. I'm just pointing out how ridiculous the left is when it comes to race issues. I do it by ridiculing you on the left and your flawed ideology. Now can you answer the questions I possed Joe? It is the liberal ideology in a nutshell isn't it?

  3. An Arizona sheriff on the front lines in the battle against illegal immigration believes the Supreme Court will ultimately have to overturn Wednesday's ruling that blocked implementation of most of the new state measure cracking down on those who are in the country illegally.

    On Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton handed a victory to President Barack Obama and supporters of illegal aliens by blocking the most significant sections of Arizona's new immigration law from taking effect Thursday. She gutted the sections that required officers to check a person's immigration status while enforcing other laws, the requirement that immigrants carry their papers at all times, and the section banning illegals from soliciting employment in public places.
    Larry Dever is serving his fourth term as sheriff of Cochise County, which, as a border county, is part of the entry route taken regularly by illegal aliens. He believes this case will be appealed all the way to the Supreme Court.

    "Our best chance at a favorable decision solve this once and for all. States have a right to protect themselves," Dever contends. He adds that "the lame argument in federal government that this law somehow interferes with their ability to enforce immigration law is just ludicrous" because "they're not getting it done to begin with."

    He further points out that the federal government has "been talking about partnerships and empowerment since September 11 with state and local law enforcement authorities to get the job done. Arizona steps up [and] says, 'We're ready to take on our part,' and they sue us."

    The sheriff assures that while the decision must be appealed, he and other enforcement officers will continue to use the laws and resources available to protect the people they serve. Meanwhile, the state is preparing to appeal Judge Bolton's ruling.


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