Thursday, July 29, 2010

Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg Poll Proves Democrats Are 25% More Racist

An LA Times poll shows that 4% of Democrats and only 3% of Republicans would refuse to vote for a black presidential candidate. That makes Democrats 25% more racist. That also means that there are about 3 million Democratic party racist in this country. I wonder what the NAACP will do about this fact? I'm sure they will get right on a resolution ASAP. And I'm sure all you left-wingers that called Republicans racist will take it all back now that there is proof of the opposite. Don't let facts get in your way of calling us racist from now on. We wouldn't want to take away your favorite talking point now would we?


  1. Chris, i'm having trouble finding this poll could you link it. I bet the margin of error is greater than 1%, but you didn't source it.

    And i am glad that this poll proves something to you, but instead of polling and asking questions could we just look at actions. I mean actions speak louder than words right?

    Which side nominated an African american?

    Which side voted for an African American president?

    Which side has African Americans in congress?

  2. Joe it was independants and non-racist Democrats,blacks,women,fed up Republicans, you name it Joe they voted for a black president. Joe Republicans have blacks in Congress and women so what????

  3. The View | Is The Republican Party Racist?
    Jul 29, 2010 ... According to a Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll 4% of Democrats and ... the evidence supports the idea that the Democratic Party is racist. ... - Joe if you would have Googled miriad of sources and links to the poll. Sorry the facts once again getr in the way of you feelings on us. It seems funny that the Democratic Party is the one pointing the racist finger at the Tea Party when it looks like they are infact the most racist Party. Isn't that how it always goes Joe?

  4. With President Obama’s visit on the View today, it got me thinking. Since FDR, black Americans have overwhelmingly voted for Democratic candidates. Prior to that, blacks voted heavily for the “Party of Lincoln”, the Republican Party. And yet, I have difficulty finding legislation that was written, supported and passed by the Democratic Party to benefit black Americans against strong Republican opposition. Even the most comprehensive bill every passed by Congress, the 1964 Civil Rights Act would never have passed without strong Republican support. As a matter of fact, 82% of Republicans voted for the bill and only 66% of Democrats supported it. Now, history revisionists will say… “Yes, but the Southern Democrats who voted against it ALL left the Democratic Party and became Republicans.” But that is not entirely true. Strom Thurman was the only Democrat of any note that switched to the Republican Party at that time. Many became “Dixiecrats” and soon disappeared. And there were Southern Democrats who voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act, like Robert Byrd and Al Gore Sr. who did not leave and stayed active in the Democratic Party. And I know that some of you will point to Sen. Barry Goldwater, the 1964 Republican Presidential candidate since he voted NO on the 1964 bill. But Sen. Goldwater had supported every other civil rights bill that crossed his desk. For example, Goldwater strongly supported the 1957 Voter Civil Rights Act that was opposed by then Senator John Kennedy. Goldwater supported additional legislation in 1960. His NO vote in 1964, a vote he later admitted to regretting, had to do with his libertarian leanings and the thought that forcing private business owners by law, on who they had to do business with, could be unconstitutional. And others will point to Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” as their example. Yet, it was President Nixon who got behind Affirmative Action and put hiring quotas, goals and time tables in place in the hiring of black Americans.
    So, what have the Democrats brought to the table to benefit black Americans that was trongly opposed by the Republicans? And what major bills have Republicans sponsored that could be called overtly racist? Or, do the Democrats pay lip service to their “voting block” to keep them in line? According to a Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll 4% of Democrats and 3% of Republicans said they would refuse to vote for a black Presidential candidate. That comes out to about 3 million Democratic bigots. And yet, it is the Republican Party that is the hate filled racist party. I don’t get it.

  5. Poor Joe spinning his way out of this poll.

  6. Chris, i found references to the poll, but not the poll itself. Why won't you link the p[oll itself? I'd be interested to see the actual poll.

    Also the current Congress (111th)contains no republican African Americans. Neither did the 110th, 109th, 108th. the last congress to have a conservative African American was the 107th. Julius Casear Watts. Prior to him it was Gary Franks of CT. Prior to him in 1899 George Henry White. The last Aferican American senator in the republican party was in 1881.

    So in our lifetime, the republican party has had 2 African American congressmen and no Senators. And of the current 111th Congress there are 41 African American senators, not one is a Republican.

    Its not spin. you can claim phone polls as proof but words are just that words. Actions speak louder.

  7. I made a mistake the last congress prior to Gary Franks was Oscar Stanton De Priest in 31. My bad.

    Chris, we're not going to argue the historical parties because the current parties don't represent what they did a hundred year ago. Lets take our lifetimes or alittle longer.

    I have given your party credit for its role in civil rights. Without the right it doesn't get passed. there is no denying that. We can get over that.

    But the republican party has since run campaigns based on apealing to openly bigotted conservatives. Reagan had his "welfare mommas" and "Willie Horton" both obviously using racial sterotypes. That stuff is so obvious that its not even logical to dismiss it.

    Take the south carolina push poll during the presidential primary. They asked, ""Would you be more likely or less likely to vote for John McCain for president if you knew he had fathered an illegitimate black child?" And of course John McCain had a darkskined child with him on the campaign trail, an adopted Bangledeshi daughter,

    How bout George Allens campaign blunder calling a darkskinned Indian "Mecca" in public.

    lets take all recent activity too.

    Inland GOP mailing depicts Obama's face on food stamp

    Collin County GOP official apologizes for e-mail some called racist

    GOP activist DePass apologizes after joking on Facebook that gorilla is related to Michelle Obama

    and finally
    Councilman apologizes for racially offensive e-mails.Gary Frago, an Atwater city councilman, has apologized after forwarding at least seven racist e-mails to city officials and others aimed at President Barack Obama, the first lady and black people.


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