Thursday, July 29, 2010

SEIU Posts AZ Propaganda Video Linking GOP With Fascists


Who would have thought the unions would get involved? And most union members agree with the Arizona law. Here come the purple shirt, are you ready?


  1. It Stops In Arizona Does That Mean The Rule Of Law?

    It Stops In Arizona Does That Mean The Executive Branch Of OUR Government Not Enforcing Immigration Laws And Protecting Citizens?

    It Stops In Arizona Does That Mean The Rule Of Law?

    It Stops In Arizona Does That Mean Also Not Enforcing Immigration "Sanctuary" Laws In Major Citys?

    It Stops In Arizona Does That Mean Citizens And Border Security Also Stops In Arizona? How Many Terrorist Along With Illegals Come Through OUR Borders Everyday? Making MORE Federal Agencys To Over See Legislation (Health Insurance Wall Street) But When It Comes To Border Security, It Bows To Outside Influences.This Regime Is After Power/Control And Sees Millions Of Potential Voters To Aid In Their Changing Of OUR Great Nation To Europian Socialism Plain And Simple.

    This Ad Is Correct About One Thing. Watch Out Other States This Regime And Its Ideaology Could Come And Ignore Laws In Your State Also!

  2. They want open borders so they can get their drugs. It's all a bunch of pothead hippies and illegals that want open borders.

  3. fascists????i saw things about communists, but not fascists.But its not your fault, your just copying Andy Breitbart.

    As for the SEIU's involvement if you knew anything about the subject of unions (even if to know your enemy) you would know that they are involved with jobs traditionally filled by minorities. They have a large Hispanic and black membership due to that.

  4. Of course Joe only see what he was to see.
    The video compares the AZ law as that of the action of the Feds on Japanese (and also Jews under Hitler)interment back during WW2.
    This is an over the top political statement of SEIU. But thats nothing new.
    Japanese Americans were Americans. Illegal immigrants and aliens ARE NOT.

  5. Mark Good Points As Usual.

  6. Joe why nwould the unions want illegal immigants for American jobs? That doesn't make sense. I thought the unions were all for Americans getting the jobs. No wonder the members are confused so are you. And I also had a video of the SEIU VP saying the union is rabidly racist. Do you remember that video? Joe I know the union from the inside out and the outside in. Joe do you think you will be able to get your son into Ford/UAW like you did? Do you think he will make the big money like you did? Or do you think that the union right now is eating their hosts with little to nothing to leave to future generations? Are the union for American jobs or not? Because illegal immigrant are not Americans but they can be union members. Why ship jobs overseas when you can just bring overseas here and the unions can get their cut. The union doesn't care about it's members Joe. It only cares about union dues and since machines have been doing the job of the union and union membership is down they have to do something. Nothing like unionizing the illegal immigrant to gain power for them and take it away from you. It sounds to me like you are the one that doesn't know the union brother. Can't you see what is happening here? Do you not thing union jobs should go to Americans?

  7. Mark, theres no comparison of Nazi germany. There's a bit about communist germeny and the fence between east and west, but not Hitler and the Jews.

    So i only see whats in it, you see things you want to see.

  8. Chris, we have discussed the union racism thing before. I have not had a African American member say anything racial towards me, nor have i heard it towards another. I have had a white conservative union member drop the n-bomb on me over my choice of music, and i have had other conservatives use it in general conversation around me about African Americans.

    I haven't had a liberal use the n-bomb or any other slight around me. So we can talk about union racism but the majority of anti-black racism comes from conservative members of the union. You don't want to accept that then don't. I'm telling you the truth.

    For the life of me i don't understand the need for video and its timing. I can understand why they are protesting the law, as they and alot of their members feel it will result in profiling despite the fact that you and others disagree. But the video is alittle too graphic and inflammatory.

  9. Chris, i don't know what the UAW/Ford will look like when my son is old enought to work. Given the right, the free market and most capitalists attempts to destroy manufacturing in America i don't know if their will be a Ford motor co. in America to get my son a job at.

    But lets think of its this way. Your in sales right? thats what the profile says. How much of your wage comes from Union autoworkers? The reality of union wage is that it is returned to the local economy. If we don't buy directly from you, we buy from those who do.

    And then as the Auto companies cut wages, i wonder if they'll drastically cut vehicle costs. Do you see that happening? As they pay more workers a 1/3 less do you think car prices will come down a 1/3?

  10. Question: Why Is Northern Border With Canada Not Over Run With Illegals? Not To Say They Have Not Crossed Into Nation From Canada Just Dont See Bunch Of Angry Protesters At That Border.

    Are Pass Ports Needed To Enter OUR Country From Mexico And If So WHY?

    What Happens If Other Illegals From Germany Poland And Other Nations Storm Through OUR Northern Border. Would Regime Have Same Ignore The Rule Of Law There? Just Wondering.

  11. "So i only see whats in it"
    Thats because you don't think for yourself and only allow what you see to do your "thinking" for you.
    So you don't see a comparison between Japanese interment and Nazi Germany interment of Jews?
    Thats pretty sad.

  12. Mark, wow, you got that from 20 seconds worth of video about the interment of Americans?

    They don't have to make any comparisons to the NAZI's our own countries actions were horrific enough.

  13. Yes, Joe, I got that from 20 seconds worth of video, thats because I think outside the box.
    It's pretty obvious that internment of Japanese Americans was just like and quite comparable to Jews internment by the Nazi's
    Both were wrong. But somehow SEIU is using unjustifiable scare tactics in their comparison of the AZ law.
    How can you compare internment of Americans with arrest of illegal aliens?
    You can't!


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