Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bill Maher On CNN's Larry King


  1. Chris, I thought your readers would find this article interesting. The former head of the GOP in Florida has apologized to the President for stoking fear about the President's school speech last year and calls Republicans racists.

  2. AHH A bitter RINO who is under indictment on fraud and money-laundering charges after being drummed out of the state party.
    Of course, he'll say anything to get back at the GOP

  3. Bruce Wonderful Find. It Seems He Was Against The Speech Got Charged With Fraud And Money Laundering Charges. Than All Of A Sudden After Being Let Go By The Republican Party Hes For The Speech. Hell He Sounds Like A Demoncrat To Me And Should Fit In Nicely With The Demoncratic Population Of The Cell Block! Thanks For The Laugh Baaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


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