Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tea Party Conservatives Are Making Waves In Washington

“Ladies and gentlemen, the people of Delaware have spoken.” This is great news for conservatives. We the people are throwing out the RINO's and bringing in common sense conservatives to replace them. To some Republicans that tow the Party line in the beltway this Tea Party conservative is scary. But the Republicans will adjust themselves to a less "politically savvy" politician. But it seems like the MSM s touting this as "civil war" within the Republican Party. It's so nice to see the liberals dreaming of a fallen Republican Party like they used to do when the Democratic Party took over both houses of Congress and then they dreamed big with B.H.Obama as our most liberal President ever. They said the Republican Party was dead and that it would never recover from G.W.Bush. That seems so long ago. Heck all the Republicans have to do is point out all the things the Democratic Party promised and what they delivered. And we can forget about the effects of their liberal governance. But all in all this is just the Progressive death role. The Progressives are afraid of the future and they are trying to hold it together with a little hope. The only hope they have is that she is too far right for most voters in Delaware. The problem with that theory and false hope is that Democrat running against her is a Progressive far left Democrat. This isn't about Republican and Democrat any more. We Conservatives gave up on both parties in the past. But thanks to so many American conservatives making a real strong effort to get conservatives back in the two party system we are forming the future of Washington and politics as usual. And the liberals know that when we take back Washington from the Progressives we will cut all the fat out. Let the Progressives dance for this faux hope of a civil war within the Republican Party. Because when we cut back the massive government they will be rioting in the streets like they always do.

(via The Right Scoop)
I'd like to know what you think about the massive growth of the conservative movement and Tea Party candidates?


  1. Note To RINOs, Liberals And All Politicans Who Still Beleive Politics As Usual Will Be Excepted By The Citizens Whom Employ Them.
    Those Days Are OVER.

    If The Old Guard Of The Republican Party Cannot Change So Be It, Conservatives And Patriots Will Find Way To Make Their Voice Heard And Their VOTES Count.

    No Political Party Has Made This A Great Nation The Citizens Have! Politicans At Times Have Tried Through Thier Policies To Destroy Our Nations Greatness.

    Rove Must Think Tea Party Expects To Win Every Seat Up For Election. That Aint Going To Happen But To Do As He Says Run The Strongest RINO Canadate Will Help Country How. Castle Is A True RINO Who Has Voted Demoncratic More Often Than Not. Change Will Occurr But To Have That Occurr You Need Change In Canadates. If We Do Not As A Nation Elect Politicans Who Put Country First We Are Doomed To Do The Same Bad Policies Again. Sort Of Like "Grounds Hog Day" Again And Again.


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