Wednesday, September 15, 2010

HBO‘s Bill Maher Ridicules Beck’s ‘Diabetic Mall Walkers’

(Via Huffington Post)
“I have a dream too: one day all Americans will stop buying anything Glenn Beck says.”

Is this the best the left have? When will the lefters look at the issues instead of this fearmongering and mockery? Oh, I forgot if they ran on issues then the Democratic Party would sink like the Titanic. At least they aren't sending out their union thugs and rioters, YET!


  1. I Cant Take 9:00 Minutes Out Of My Life To Watch This A-Hole. Hes Like Overbites Whimpy Brother. Cant Watch It Wont Watch It!

  2. Chris, are you ever going to get with reality? The Tea party is filled with the same type of rhetoric as what you accuse the left of. So is the Republican party. The conservative platform has constantly been about fear mongering for most of my life. they don't run on issues.

    lets see...

    Welfare Mommas
    Willie Horton
    The mushroom cloud bit.

    their all classic fear tactics coming from the right. Atleast be intelligent about it, the Tea Party is running on fear too.

    Obama is a Marxist, socialist etc.
    Obama wants to take guns away
    Obama wants to institute re-education camps
    Obama wants Death Panels
    Obama isn't really a US citizen
    Obama doesn't like White People & is racist (Beck himself)

    When hasn't the debate over Obama not been about fear? the answer is it hasn't.

  3. Joe Once Again That Statement " A Crisis Is A Terrible Thing To Waste" Came From Who? That Sounds To Me Like A Fear Thingy,How About You?

    With Such A Brilliant Regime How Come Their Ideaology Comes First?

    Why Would You Spend Over A Year On Socialized Insurance When Citizens Kept And Are Still Begging For Jobs. Your Right Joe There Is Fear From "CITIZENS" Jobs, Economy And Deficit But The Spending By The Regime Goes On. Fear Of Becoming Greece Is Still In The Air So I Guess Fears Are In The Eyes Of The Beholder And Citizens Will Begin By Easing Those Fears In November. Sorry Joe Could Not Help That.

  4. I am of the mindeset that Al laid-out, I will not waste my time on Mahr.

  5. Bill Maher is a "never done anything for the country, all about himself, Liberal Fool punk" whom thinks he's funny.


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