Thursday, November 18, 2010

On Sunday November 14th, 2010, Jewish Voice for Peace a left wing activist group lead a protest in downtown Chicago against Israel and the United States. Some members of the organized protest did not even know how to explain the message of their signs, one of whom simply resorting to calling me a racist. Others accuse Israel of falsifying the video footage of weapons aboard the supposed humanitarian Gaza Flotila. One member of the group even voices a strong opposition to Israel’s right to exist and uses profane sexual slurs against Mrs. Netanyahu the wife of Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli PM. After further investigation into the group’s activities, they are also organizing an event to support another activist group known as Anarchists Against the Wall, and Socialist activist Noam Chomsky is a member of the Jewish Voice for Peace’s Advisory Board.
The left are showing more of who they really are. There are audios of some communist groups that are calling for the left to start "cracking their heads" talking about the Tea Partiers heads. And the leaders of the left are calling for civil unrest. And just like the left blamed the Tea Partiers for everything every person ever did we will hold the left to the same standard. If one liberals does anything bad they will all be held accountable. At first the left will cry like little female dogs but like us they will get used to it. Or maybe the weak left will crack under the pressure of living up to their own standards? Don't forget to laugh at these sad liberals. You know the ones. The peace protests that turn violent,the Mother Earth environmental protesters that leave the rally site a pig sty,the unions that pay people minimum wage without benefits to pass out tracks at the polls but demand high wages for themselves. You just got to laugh at these people and their warped ideology.


  1. Chris,
    How dare that guy call you a racist? he doesn't know you well enough to do that.

    Wait, that story is in first person. Did you record it and write the narrative?

    When are you covering the pro-Arizona immigration law rally that got violent??? I mean we lefties are horrible with our violence towards peace-loving conservatives so cover it.

  2. And why do you hate Jewish people? Why would you slander them using obvious plants.

  3. Hey Joe Sounds like anger management classes are needed again. Were back to plants and therories Have we not been down this road before?

  4. Chris, needs AM classes? i didn't think that, but if you say so.

    Actually i'm not mad at all. Just having fun.

    If you care to understand what i'm saying.

    There is a video and a narrative above and below it. the upper part wasn't written by Chris, but he makes no attempt to acknowledge that and the lower part is the typical intellectually dishonest angry Tea Party screed.

    And the reason why he won't cover the violence form lefties at a Pro AZ immigration law is because its led by a Neo-nazi GOP Member. It would make his there's no racism involved in that law statements look foolish.

  5. Joe I bet if we look real hard there was more than likely a liberal Neo-Nazi member also. Like all groups the fringe is in need of MORE than anger managment But unless their caught in criminal act they are what they are.

    Most of the people on camera in that post seemed well on the fringe of sanity which is another topic all together!

  6. Al, if we looked real hard we'd find Hoffa too.

    But it didn't take long to find a man dishonorable discharged from the Marines that became a GOP elected official and open White Supremacist.

    I do give some Republicans credit, three tried to oust him, but were unsuccessful.

  7. Once again Joe

    Wallace and Byrd got elected wonder what White Supremist group they belonged too! I give Demoncrats NO credit cause they kept getting elected!

    Then of coarse theres that new Senator from I beleive Delaware(Blumenthal) that Lied on many occassions on the record that he served in Vietnam. Joe I served but would NEVER misspeak about being in Vietnam Never. Its a disservice to all that did period and I call that a Lie. Did not hear of any Libs condeming him for his mis SPOKEN words my ASS!

    With politicans all have past that for some reason can be explained away but it dunt make it right for any of them!

    Where in the hell is Hoffa?


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