Thursday, November 18, 2010

Soros Tells Progressives: Prepare to Bail on Obama

If Soros tells the Progressive zombies to do something they better do it! Pres.Obama has pissed off the left and he better heed Soros' warning to our president. Nudging is turning into pushing. The unions and and all of Soros other left wing organizations will all come out saying the same thing as Soros. Just like a bunch of mindless zombies they will march with the Soros/ mantra in mind and little else with it. When will the liberals have a real grassroots movement? One that isn't pushed by Soros,,Olbermann and Maddow first.

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  1. lol...

    if it weren't for you and Beck i wouldn't know what Soro's is doing.

    As for a real grassroots movement, probably a couple of weeks after the right does. When are you guys thinking about doing that?

    I'd like to see a real grassroots movement besides the youthful anti-WTO ones that you hate. Wait isn't that a real grassroots movement? it doesn't take RNC money, isn't funded by former RNC elected officials and activists. Doesn't have rallies with RNC signs.

    How bout you create one and i will too?


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