Friday, December 17, 2010

Bill Ayers’ Weird Obama Conspiracy: White Supremacist Clinton Created Shadowy Characters of Rev. Wright & Others

The lefties come up with the best and craziest conspiracy theories.


  1. its almost as good as the birthers...Or the Obama Death camps.

    William Ayers is an interesting character and someone who might be interesting to have talk at a backyard BBQ, but no one i'm listening too. kinda like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman, ohh sorry the Tea Party is taking them for real.

  2. Joe If Ayers is at a BBQ at your house make sure your Home owners insurance is up to date! You know that Boom thingy!

    Is Michelle Bachman holding elective office?

    Did she just get reelected?

    Thinks it time to take her for real!

  3. Ayers: Mentally ill, still dangerous.

  4. Al, just because some idiots in Minnesota vote her crazy ass in doesn't mean i should take her for real.

    She's loco...

  5. Joe Just because some idiots voted Obama in doesnt mean I should take him for real.

    Al Franken got voted in by what group of idiots?

    Now theres one loco!


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