Friday, December 17, 2010

Liberals Claims Florida School Board Shooter Was a Glenn Beck Listener

(via RadioEqualizer)   Who would have seen this one coming? So far every time the liberals have tried to pin these loons on the Tea Party it's turned out to be one of theirs. That is why I cut to the chase and just blame them. The odds are greatly in the favor of a left-wing psycho. The lefties hate it when we do to them as they have been doing unto us.


  1. Was Richard Poplawski one of ours? What about Byron Williams? Nope they weren't.

    Come on be fair. Williams was a Beck listener going to shoot up the Tides foundation. How convenient of ya to forget.

  2. And Joe there have been hundreds of lefties doing the same or worse over the same amount of time. How is that "fair"? Or have you conveniently forgotten all those posts?

  3. A vicious smear attack on Alex Jones and his websites launched by the ADL in the aftermath of the Pittsburgh police shootings which attempted to classify Infowars as an outlet for “hate speech” has been discredited after the ADL’s own website admitted that Richard Poplawski held views that opposed those of the Texas radio talk show host.

    Stories claiming that Poplawski was influenced by Alex Jones, Infowars and Prison Planet originally appeared Sunday in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Raw Story. Neither of these news organizations attempted to speak with us before claiming the link and Raw Story later issued a retraction and removed us from their original piece altogether after we questioned the sloppy nature of their writer Muriel Kane’s hit piece.

    Oops Joe it looks like Richard Paplowski wasn't a right winger. Itg was just a smear that only the far left idiots pushed.

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  5. Joe here is the link. It amazes me how often you libs are wrong and how often you pass on the lies.Poplawski Smear Debunked: Cop Killer Held Opposing Views To Infowars
    Apr 6, 2009... the ADL's own website admitted that Richard Poplawski held views that .... and the hate they spew fuel people like Richard Paplowski,” ... - 60k - Cached - Similar pages

  6. I post links to this guy and who he follows/reads. Not sure what happpen to it but it showed he was more of the left following then the right.

  7. It always turns out that they are lefties. But that never stops the MSM from calling them right-wing. Too bad the retractions never show up.

  8. Chris, i never said Poplawski listened to Info-wars. I'm not the ADL. Do you want to respond to me or to everyone else that i am not?

    I didn't offer up the ADL's claims. So you can stop patting yourself on the back's the real Rich, the righty gun nut.

    Poplawski's mother said her son has been "stockpiling guns and ammunition, buying and selling the weapons online because he believed that as a result of economic collapse, the police were no longer able to protect society."

    Poplawski's mother said her son "only liked police when they were not curtailing his constitutional rights, which he was determined to protect."

    Perkovic said Poplawski feared "the Obama gun ban that's on the way" and "didn't like our rights being infringed upon."

    So he's not a rightwing gun nut? You might offer up he's a libertarian, which is still typcially rightwing and a losing semantical argument.

    So please o' seer of the lies tell what one am i spreading. That he's a righty who killed cops? That one is true. He's not a PETA person throwing paint on real Fur, or an anti-WTO kid rioting in the street.

  9. Anyone else notice that chris ignores Byron Williams the Glenn Beck shooter and Scott Roeder the church killer?

    I didn't even know that there was a Tides Foundation till Williams got caught. Neither did anyone else except Beck and his people. (And Soros)

  10. Did anyone notice that Joe ignored the numerous lefties that have become violent? Joe why did you forget the guy that killed the pro-life activist,the Texas airplan lefty...JoeC said..."I didn't even know that there was a Tides Foundation till Williams got caught. Neither did anyone else except Beck and his people. (And Soros)" If you don't know about something it doesn't exist"neither does anyone else"? At least we know you think the world revolves around you and not the Sun. LOL.


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