Friday, December 17, 2010

There Are Coyotes In Clinton Twp. Michigan

Last night I had 3 large coyotes in my yard. Anyone that lives in Clinton Twp. need to watch out for your small to medium sized dogs. I'm going to try and get some video of them by calling them in.


  1. Make a yip stick. Got an illustration for one in the recent field and stream.

    And are ya sure they aren't just coy dogs? Or just feral dogs?

  2. Yah I've hunted coyotes enough to know. I also checked the tracks. I was told that we have some coydogs and wolf-coyote hybrid closer to Lake St. Clair. I guess the state took dna and found out that they are Eastern Wolf and coyote hybrids. I was told it's just a matter of time before these pack coyotes do some damage to a person. I'm going to try and get some video and pictures for the Macomb Daily. The editor told me that they just killed an 8 point buck at Metroparkway and Jefferson.

  3. Chris had a red fox in my yard couple winters ago got a short video. Guess SCS is now a nature preserve!

  4. We used to have a lot of fox and deer but not so much any more.


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