Wednesday, December 15, 2010

FOX Anchor Confronts GOP Sen. on His $16 Million in Earmarks

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) may have vowed to vote down the latest spending bill, but not before Fox’s Bill Hemmer uncovered a stubborn little fact: Cornyn has stuffed $16 million worth of earmarks into the bill. But listen to the logic he used to defend his earmarks:
Kelly’s mini-rant starts at about 2:14 below. Fox reporter Jim Angle, however, begins the clip with a good overview of the bill and the controversy, including revealing how $18 million in pork is connected to two dead congressman:
Now I know over 95% of the earmarks are from Democrats but RINO's need to be put to task as well. What do you think of all the billions of $'s of pork being added to every bill Congress and the President have put through. The worse part is they keep lieing to us about not adding earmarks on the next bill. They told us after the useless Stimulus bill that they wouldn't add any more earmarks. Our children are not your cash cow. What these politicians are doing is nothing short of slavery.


  1. wait a minute. 95 percent plus of earmarks in the house are from Democrats, but roughly 1/3 of all earmarks in the Senate are Republican. So don't make up figures.

  2. Both parties learned very little from November elections at this point! The 1900 page OB Bill has 9 Billion in Pork and now it once again is large Bill that must be Passed ASAP. Bettcha they once again have to pass it to see whats in it!

    Was not that also one of those Hope and Change thingys Regime campaigned on.

    Ear Marks and Transparentcy. They missed on both those Issues.


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