Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Greek Rioters Firebomb Police; Beat Former Finance Minister Bloody

Greek Labor unions are once again rioting in the streets against austerity measures. Those riots have quickly turned violent. The video below shows one rioter firebombing a police officer, who is then engulfed in flames as people cheer, and an angry mob attacking the former finance minister until blood runs down his face:
Russia Today, which posted the video, describes the violence:
Hundreds of protesters clashed with riot police across central Athens on Wednesday, smashing cars and hurling gasoline bombs during a nationwide labour protest against the government’s latest austerity measures. The former Development Minister Costis Hatzidakis was attacked by protesters outside a luxury hotel. He was escorted, bleeding from the scene as his attackers yelled “thieves” at him.


  1. Enough of the tear gas canisters and clubs. Time to use rubber bullets. The socialist have crossed the line, and upscaled methods are now justified.

  2. It's winter there as well. I was wondering why the fire dept. didn't just hose the rioters down. It's hard to riot when frozen.

  3. Chris what was needed was some of those good ole Demoncrats from the 60''s They KNEW how to hose Citizens down!

  4. Sewage works the best. Shit in the eye stops them every time.


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