Wednesday, December 15, 2010

CNN Analyst: “The American People Are The Problem”

CNN Terror-Apologist Fareed Zakaria: "American People Are The Problem, Everyone Wants to Say They're So Wonderful"... Why is it always the lefties that hate Americans and America so much? Don't they realize that our nation is greater then all the other? Don't they realize that Americans are the most generous people on the planet? The America bashing coming from the left is getting out of hand lately. When they aren't rioting or flying their planes into building they're tearing down this great nation with their words. If you hate America then get the heck out. There are a lot of countries like the left want. The problem is they're all 3rd world thanks to that Progressive ideology. "Misery loves company" and the lefties want to make us all poor and miserable like they are.


  1. We are the problem with THIRD World Nations for one reason. ENVY!

    This goof ball thinks WE should LOWER Our standard of Living. This is the Lefts feel fuzzy thingy that does what the LEFT does Best. Blame the Haves for what they have EARNED. This Goof ball is of Coarse spouting the "Redistribution of Wealth" thingy that the LEFT embraces and beleives in.

    This Nation has Fed, Clothed, Housed and Died for Nations all over the Planet for 234 years and I can see NO reason why WE must Lower Ourselves to a LEVEL WE worked OUR way out of Long ago. There are reasons Nations thousands of years older than US have not advanced. That to me is THEIR problem Not Ours!

  2. i don't think American citizens are the problem. the think foreign policy has had some role in it, but i wonder more about your contentions.

    How do you quantify your beliefs about the average American citizen?

    What makes him different from our neighbors across the river there?

    And again how do you quantify our "Nation being greater than all others like you suggested? I'm not saying America isn't a damn great place to raise a family and live, but how is it better than say Canada? New Zealand?

  3. First off Joe we protect both those countries with our military. We also buy more goods from them then they buy from us. We also give more as a people and as a nation. And we have more rights then they do. Those countries became great because of America. If you can't see the positive effect America has had on the world then you just aren't looking.

  4. Chris, don't deflect.

    How do you quantify your statements? I didn't dismiss America's greatness or her positive influences. I asked you to quantify something beyond just statements.

    I didn't dismiss it outright or anything of the manner you suggested.

    And just for reference while the year is overall down with New Zealand the last three months we had a positive trade balance.

    We are actually behind New Zealand and Canada in the Gallup poll on charitable giving right now.

    And how do you know we have more rights? have you actually compared rights?

  5. Joe Charity should start at home and I have long been against just sending OUR money to Nations and having it just go Poof. Seems oversite is none exsistent. Never mind Oversite was non-exsistent with tax payers money HERE also.


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