Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Patriot APP

Do you remember when Bush implemented the Patriot Act? The lefties went nuts over the imagined misuses of the Patriot Act. The lefties were afraid that the Patriot Act would turn citizen against citizen and that is would give the government(Bush) the right to listen into phone calls and emails. Well those liberals couldn't have been more wrong at the time. Now that we have liberals infesting our government that has all changed. Thanks to Obama we have an even more evasive Patriot Act and Patriot APP. We are now being asked to turn in our neighbors for "suspicious behavior". At first thought I wonder what "suspicious behavior" is? Second thought is how will this effect our free speech? Third, wont this overwhelm our Department Of Homeland Security to the point that the real bad guys might get away? Fourth, where are all the liberals on this? Don't they realize that Republicans will soon have the power of this Patriot Act? This one will turn around and bite the left on the butt sooner then they think. But by that time it will be too late to bitch. I'd like to know what both the left and the right think about this real, not imagined, invasion of our privacy? Will the left stand up against this now or will they wait to blame it on Republicans?

Screenshots of the PatriotApp in action
From Have a suspicious neighbor you want to snitch on? There's an app for that.
A new app called the "PatriotApp" doesn't come filled with powerful quotes from our founding fathers or even a digital copy of the Constitution but instead it comes with a graphical interface that allows patriots -- of course -- to report any suspicious activity to the appropriate government agency.
See someone trying to get on a plane that looks suspicious? Click on the suspicious activity icon on the app and report the person directly to the FBI. See someone polluting down a local storm drain? You can report them to directly to the Environmental Protection Agency.


  1. Reporting on Suspicious Neighbors actions GOOD with Libs!

    Profiling "Man made Disaster" Suspects BAD!

    This regime is a "Man made Disaster" to OUR Nation and 2012 cannot come soon enough.

    Citizens in NOVEMBER rejected their Policies and ideaology BUT they keep going forward as seen now through the Lefts pushing of several Bills at the same time and once again crying Crisis. That may be true but they Created it.

    I once again am not happy with either party at this time with any of their actions and if the NEW Congress make up in January does not get OUR message than MORE changes will be needed.

  2. I don't like it at all. Walmart is also doing something like this. Liberals should be hot as hell over this.

  3. Chris, the patriot act was abused and the abuses were documented. I opposed the PA and i oppose what Obama is doing now.

    But what is the difference between the Patriot app and the Bush administration Operation TIPS—the Terrorism Information and Prevention System that i and others objected to.

  4. Obamas PA is what the left imagined Bushes PA was. You should look into how much more evasive Obama's PA is. Along with all the other things he's done like having the right to assasinate American citizens without a trial.


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