Sunday, November 15, 2009

Did Obama Destroy Chrysler?

Rush Limbaugh: Barack Obama Destroying Chrysler
Rush Limbaugh: Barack Obama Destroying Chrysler Living in the Detroit area I have a lot of friends that work for the big three. I talked to a good friend of mine that works for Chrysler and he told me that they are doing worse then the media thinks. He has changed his views on Obama and the Democrats and what they have done to Chrysler. The unions were saved but Chrysler are gearing up for some big changes and it will not be good for the members of the union that work for Chrysler. All Obama and Congress did was to put a bandage on a broken leg. What will Obama and Congress do next? Give that failed company more of our money to bail them out some more? I think this is what they will do and let the next guy deal with the fallout of their mistakes. They will find a way to blame the Republicans or the Italians. But one thing is for sure, they will never ever say it was their mistakes that cost us billions of $. The Tea Parties have been saying that the bailouts and tarp are wrong and they wont work for the long term. I pray I am wrong but I think we have harder time to come here in Michigan. We have been in a one state reccession for over 6 yrs now. We have also been one of the most liberal run states in the union. It's time for conservatives to take back out cities,state and country back before every state looks like Michigan. I don't care if it is a conservative Democrat or a conservative Republican. We just need to give conservative rule a chance in this state again. When conservative ran this state we were one of the richest states in the nation. Most of Michigans jobs didn't go overseas they went to conservative states like TX.


  1. Fiat took over the assets of Chrysler. So, what exactly did Obama do to Chrysler that is causing them to do so badly?

    Here's an article on the auto industry you might find enlightening.

    Also, if you say we need to give conservatives a chance in Michigan, what exactly do you think Republicans would do in Michigan that would help the state recover economically?

    I hear you say give conservatives a chance, but it was conservatives that got us in this mess by cutting taxes to the point that the state doesn't have enough revenue to provide basic services. Then you add on top of that the auto industry going downhill, no fault of the state of Michigan, and then add on top of that the fiscal crisis caused by Bush administration policies and voila. Economic ruin for Michigan.

    Tell me exactly what conservative policies you'd like to see enacted that you feel would benefit the state of Michigan.

  2. This is an excellent post on economics that makes lots of sense and is very well researched.

    How Republicans Killed Capitalism

  3. How about being fiscally conservative. Grandholm and the Dems threaten us with cutting police and fire to make us come up will more money/taxs. They haven't been making cuts like they should have been making. See Bruce the liberals haven't beeen making cuts at all. That is the problem. They didn't cut the fat so now we have to cut to the bone and raise taxes. Each time they raise taxes we loose jobs,business' and taxpayers. These bailouts to the state did nothing but inable the states and the people more. I know you liberals can't stand life and the pain and cuts that happen in life no matter what we do. You liberals think you can make life fair and painless. You liberals hide from the pain and unfairness of life or you mask it with a quick fix. But after the quick liberal fix is up the problem is still there. Obama and Congress gave our money away to BIG business and Big labor while we are left with crackhead big labor and crackhead big business. What has Obama fixed? Everything is still broken and now we owe $ trillions for nothing. All Obama and congress did was give us some pain pills and an IV but nothing to fix the problem. In fact they are barrowing more money and spending at an alarming rate. They are deviding us with class warfair while at the same time telling banks to do more risky loans to people that can't aford the loans.By the way Bruce Fiat was GIVEN Chryslers assets. If Chrysler doesn't make it past this they will be broken up and the best asset will be the dealer network for those Chinese and Italian cars. Do you think the union members will survive that? And if they pass health care how will that help the union workers when they get a tax increase on their insurance? While Obama and the Democrats are patting us on the head and telling us everything will be Ok now that "hope and change" is here. We are hemoraging. We will now be paying for health care that we will not get for 3 years. And on top of that they want to raise our electric bills by 90% and gas by 40% with Cap and Trade. You asked what will conservatives do. They have fought all these liberal programes tooth and nail. They would make cut and take the pain of the reccession and they would fix the problem of spending in a reccession. And if the Democrats are printing money to devalue our $ inorder to make the debt palitable then get ready for hyperinflation. If that happens the streets will be filled with liberals going crazy like the G-20 liberal Taliban Al Quida riots. It does seem to follow Cloward and Pivens plan for a new America.

  4. Chris, it sounds to me you have said what the Democrats have done that is bad.

    Tell me the positive things you'd do that would turn things around.

    I re-read your post and I don't see one positive idea.

    How would you address climate change, other than by denying its existence?

  5. Ok Bruce I just read that blog on the dailykos. What makes you think that was well researched? Is it because it was from the dailykos? I lived in Japan in the late 80's and early 90's. Japan was doing great when they were conservative rule. It was when they started to become liberal and voted in liberal in the early 80's did the countries bubble burst. Japan did all the same things we are doing now and they had the "lost decade" in Japan. I know this as I lived it. I even know what their socialized health care looked like as a patient. But that is another story. Japan has been liberal run for quite a while now and they have just started to get back to the conservative governing. It wasn't capitalism that distroyed Japan it was gov't controls, regulations and their "fixes" to their banking crisis. Japan has been warning us not to do what they themselves did 20 years ago. They did and we are doing Cloward and Piven stratagies.

  6. Question regarding Gov Grandholm.

    Are you better OFF now after 8 years of Granholm or were you BETTER off before?

    I know its BUSH, ENGLER and probablly Lincolns FAULT!

    Both Parties got us here and thats a FACT. I dont think Raising TAXES will do much to keep Businesses here and with loss of Businesses we loss JOBS. I have not seen much of those SHOVEL Jobs YET just wondering where there at cause they AINT in Michigan!

    Just saw special on Channel 2 regarding Detroit and its Decay and I really believe this could be MORE a COMMON Occurance not JUST here BUT Nation Wide! Entitlements Breed Entitlement Mentalites and that has to be ADDRESSED in some manner or the COUNTRY as a WHOLE will sipmply go BROKE and BANKRUPT!

  7. Climate change debate is not over Bruce. How will Cap and Trade help the climate Bruce? The conservative fixes would be to cut spending and undo what Congress and Obama have done and are about to do. Conservatives would let the economy take it's course under capitalism. The govt would shrink and get the heck out of the way of small business. It would drop taxes on small business and it would stop the payout of any more bailout money. The govt would protect us fom our enemies and it would put most of the power back in the hands of the states like uit is ment to be. Conservative would add vouchers to schools so there would be more compation in education. I know you can't wrap your mind around that way of thinking. But it was that way of thinking and methiodes that got us our of every hard time we have ever had. When has Obama and Congress' liberal methodes ever in history,around the word, ever worked? Capitalism has 233 yrs of proof that it work. Not perfectly but it works. Look at what the Japanese did and what we are doing and ask your self why would anyone do what the Japanese did and expect a different result. Stupid is as stupid does? Once again Bruce what makes you think that that dailykos article is so well researched? I only see opinion in the article. And I lived there and know Japan better then this country during those days. And my view of their history is much different then Shemp from the dailykos'. But you buy anything a liberal rag sells.

  8. Bruce why don't you join this blog as a follower? You are a follower so you should just join.

  9. Is Chrysler in better shape now or before the bailout? Is Ford better off now or before not taking the bailout and govt control. One is liberal socialism and the other is capitalism. Which one would you buy stock in? Which one is making better cars then the forien automakers? Which one is gaining or losing market share? Out of all three auto companies which one would you rather work for? FORD FORD FORD FORD FORD FORD FORD.

  10. Chris, after seeing your latest posts, I fear I must take leave of your blog.

    You have gone over the edge of reason.


  11. Explain Bruce? Is using logic going "over the edge of reason"? What did I say that was so unreasonable? Or is it you don't have an answer so you are running away?

  12. Go away Bruce. You are mentally unstable.

  13. He sure sounds like he is Sue. Are you Bruces sister-in-commonlaw?


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