Sunday, November 15, 2009

These Are The Two Things Democrats Are Using To Fundamentally Change America

Cloward Piven Strategy
Cloward-Piven Strategy


  1. Two things? Basically they are the same,only B.Husseins' is more beniegn on it's face-still welfare but for 'service' which will draw many drones thus over-loading the system.

    I almost tossed my dinner on the 1st video at the part,,
    'At least I will have a job until the economy turns around'???

    So other than the government,that guy is unemployable no matter what economy!

    He also by implication of those words is admitting that B.Hussein is a one-termer and 2010 is the end of a dem controlled congress.

    No Conservative would continue such a socialist,marxist plan,let alone pay for it and Americans are waking-up and will not put up with it.

  2. Civilian National Security Force! Sounds like something from 1930s Germany but then again with all the MARXIST ,COMMUNIST and SOCIALIST that are OBAMAs Advisers, might just ADD NAZIs! which at this point would not be a total SURPRIZE!This Administration is taking this COUNTRYS Economy down the TOILET which appears to be its GOAL by its ACTIONS!
    2010 ELECTIONS can not come SOON enough to Reign in this Administration and its GOALS!Administration is trying to get as much as its AGENDA through NOW cause they see 2010 as when there FREE reign will END!


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