Sunday, November 15, 2009

Obama Is Still Bowing

Obama Bows To Emperor of Japan & Other Goofy Moments 
Obama Bows To Emperor of Japan   First off I wouldn't mind the bow if he had done it right. I don't know who told Obama to bow to the Emporer of Japan but it was a dumb thing to do. It wasn't done right so Obama looked bad to the Japanese, most Americans and the world. As a person that studied Japanese culture and lived it he looked stupid doing it. The first thing I learned when I went to Japan was how to bow. It needed to be done right or it would be worse then not bowing at all. Musashi would have said he gave the reccessive bow. When I first heard about the bow I thought it wasn't a big deal. But when I saw the bow I laught at what a dumb Biden like gaff it was. But in reality the world is laughing at us because of this stupid little thing. But in all reality I wish this was all we needed to worry about with Obama. This story isn't a big deal compared to all the other things that are going on right now. I just wanted to give my perspective. I know we have some Japanese citizens reading this blog so feel free to post your opinions. Feel free to post it in Japanese if you would like.


  1. Bowing is not that big of deal to OBAMA and the Photo says Volumes about HIM! Bet that Photo shows up in the 2012 Campaign I hope!

    Economy , Jobs , Afganistan , Terrorism , Those are BIG Deals Get the PHOTO OPS over,Get the Campaign OVER and get HOME and be a LEADER not a TRAVELER!

  2. He continues to embarrass our country!

  3. I'm more embarrassed for him then the country. Our country can recover from this with a new president. But he will always be a goofball for not knowing how to bow properly. The Japanese are making fun of his "weak submissive bow". They need to fire his handlers for not teaching him how to bow. And that leaders of nations never ever bow to one another. You can see that the Japanese Emporer doesn't know what to do to save face for him and Obama.

  4. Over 90,000 Americans were killed in the Pacific during World War II defending the United States and the world from Japanese aggression. Thank God many of the survivors passed on before they had to witness the President of the United States bowing low to the Emperor of Japan.

    To those veterans of the Pacific still living today, I say thank you. And I apologize on behalf of my generation for producing a president so bent on dishonoring your service and your buddies’ sacrifices.

    Mr. Obama, you are an embarrassment.

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  6. BWAAAAHAHAHA. I just spit on my computer from laughing. That is a great one Craven. I needed a good laugh. I can alway count on you and John to lighten things up.

  7. atleast he didn't throw up on him....

  8. Joey brings up a good point. When Bush Sr. threw up, that was also due to his "handlers" not doing their jobs. Chris, you might be able to expand on this, but didn't he throw up because instead of just using a certain drink to merely cleanse his palate during dinner, he actually quaffed it, and maybe even several cups, causing him to throw up? And did Bush actually throw up on somebody? I thought he barfed on the floor.

    Well, again, this is the second example (that we know of) of Obama bowing to a foreign potentate. It's getting a little old, and yes even MSNBC was reporting that Japan was embarrassed for Obama. WHAT is this guy doing?! I believe it was NBC yesterday that said that this group of foreign advisors that Obama has around him are essentially the biggest bunch of goof-balls ever assembled.

    Can somebody tell Obama to quit bowing?

  9. john, i was being humorous. I'm not bothered by the bows, except that it does seem that he is making social errors. Thats the most worrying thing about this. the rest is arrogant bs.

    I can't get over how enraged the right gets by showing some humility in a social setting. And after years of goofs and stupid actions of Shrub why are even talking about what the world thinks. When the world told us what an arrogant moron they felt ole W was, the right dug in and barked about how they cared little for the opinions of thwe world. Now you guys are concerned? More petty partisan politics.

  10. Joey, I wasn't attacking you at all. You had brought up a legitimate point, I was just expanding on it. Lighten up Francis. Or maybe I wrote it a little aggressively, but it doesn't seem like it.... anyway.... can anybody answer my question, whether he did indeed throw up on anyone?

    It's not about showing humility Joey; it's about knowing you are the leader of your nation and should not show deference to another leader. It's like putting another country's flag above the United State's, it's not done. And I don't see too many people getting all bent out of shape about it, but the fact is he has done this twice now. The first time he tried to deny bowing to the, what was he, sultan of Saudi Arabia or something? Obama tried to lie his way out of that one, and you would think he would have heard about the uproar over that. If he didn't, then he is insulating himself from criticisms just like Bush (was rumored) did. If he or his handlers DID hear about the uproar over that, then why did he do it again?

    Once is an anomaly, but this is turning into a pattern. I don't want my President bowing to anyone.

  11. Also, Joey, sincerely, how PISSED do you think the liberals and Democrats would have been if Bush had bowed to a Saudi?! You have to admit, there would have been as big an uproar as they could muster. You sure wouldn't have called it "humility".

  12. John, this is the most stupid controversy ever.

    You probably don't remember, but Bush actually kissed Saudi King Abdullah on the mouth and they walked hand in hand in Crawford, TX.

    I don't remember it being a big deal in the media.

  13. There are so many humiliating Bush moments, I think this controversy should just go away by looking at a few of the Bush favorites.

    This one was in China

    I don't think a respectful bow is even worth mentioning when you look at these videos of Bush making a fool of himself.

    The bow was the expected protocol, from what I understand and to not bow is extremely disrespectful.

  14. Bruce - You said "The bow was the expected protocol, from what I understand and to not bow is extremely disrespectful."

    Well Bruce, you understand wrong. Did you even read Chris' blog? How can you comment on something that you don't understand or know about, other than to ask questions so you CAN understand? Ah, you just jump on the youtube quick hits.

    I was actually going to bring up Bush's holding hands; I DO remember that, and I remember that that is considered the norm for their society.

    I'm sure you would love for the controversy to just "go away" Bruce. The fact is, MSNBC and NBC were bringing it up, and stating that he made quite a blunder. And they also stated that Japan was essentially embarrassed FOR him. I don't make this stuff up Bruce, I just report it.

    Another fact, Bruce, is that he bowed to the Saudi Prince, and then tried to lie about it and say that he didn't. If it's "no biggie" then why lie?

    As I stated above, I don't want the President of my country to bow to others. As Chris stated, it would not have been disrespectful if he didn't bow. Our president should not be bowing to other leaders, and that is my point. I'm sure this will just go away, but his foreign affairs staff needs to get their shit together, because between them and Obama himself, they are making this country look bad. And as Jim stated above, he is an embarrassment.

    I don't know why YOU keep this conversation going Bruce, other than to post some videos of Bush I guess. I don't care to look at the videos, I'm sure they are classics. The point here is the CURRENT president and his dumbassness. I'm sure you would be fine with him bowing to any despot or potentate or whatever. Not cool with me. We'll have to agree to disagree on this one, as on everything else.

  15. The media went nuts when Bush held the Saudi Kings hand. I would say Bush holding the Kings hand like Obama taking Chavez Book for a photo op. But the King is a friend of our country and we all know what Chavez is. Obama has made more gaffs then not. He disrespected the Queen of England with an Ipod,bowed to the Emporer of Japan(disrespectfully) and many other stupid things. I don't think it was Obamas fault as much as who his handlers are. Obama can't pick very good veters or handlers for that matter. The buz around Japan and Asia is Obama is to green to be a leader of any country let alone America.

  16. John, I was listening to Thom Hartmann today on this subject and Thom has lived in Japan and understands Japanese protocol and he said that what President Obama did was perfectly appropriate and proper. I choose to believe him over you or Fox "News."

    This is one of the problems with Fox and Rush and the other conservative. They turn something into a story and then the other media pick it up and voila, instant stupid controversy.

  17. See, but that's the thing. For 8 years we had to hear about what a moronic buffoon GWB was. What we didn't hear about is that he was so humble as to KNOW he was a moronic buffoon. It's one thing to make a simple gaffe and be embarrassed about it, or even snicker about it later (ala GWB.) It's quite another to hold yourself in such high esteem that you feel you should bow--IMPROPERLY--to the Emperor of Japan.

    Obama has surpassed moronic buffoonism.

  18. Sorry Bruce I did not get any of my info from Fox or Thom Hartman. I got it from living there. He didn't do a proper bow. Hartman is just being nice and trying to minimize the buffoonary we call Obama. I still think in the scope of everything that Obama is doing right now it is a small dumb mistake. It is just one more straw on the camels back. I'm sure Obamas intentions we good but it wasn't executed very well. If you don't believe me look at the English version of Nippon News. I'm sure most if not all Japanese publications will side with me. They don't like the fact that their Emporer felt obligated to give a halfass bow himself. It just wasn't good ediquet. Like giving a "shout out" after 14 people were killed in a terrist attack on our soil. Or giving the Queen an Ipod. Or calling us one of the largest Muslim nations. And saying we are not a Christian nation. He really has screwed up a lot in less then 1 yr. I think they need to bring out Biden to take some of the heat. He is always good at being a buffoon by saying the wrong things.

  19. wow, thats a take i didn't see coming from the right, Mama. So now your saying that Obama is taking himself too seriously and placing himself in too high of esteem as President that he felt he had to bow. HUH????

    Here i thought he was just being humble and thoughtful. Maybe trying to be respectful. Maybe talk softly and carry a big stick.

  20. I'm happy to see our Emperor didn't lower himself by bowing to your President. If you think Pres. Obama did the right thing then why didn't Emperor Akihito also bow? Was Emperor Akihito being direspectful to Pres.Obama by not bowing? Our media is having a lot of fun with the bow.

  21. Thank you Keiko for giving us your perspective on this issue.

  22. Obama AINT Teddy Roosevelt that for SURE!

    His MOTTO is Walk softly and Carry WHAT' that Dam TELEPROMTER"!

    How would you like to follow him up San Juan Hill! OK men Charge its time to APOLIGIZE you on the LEFT BOW!


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