Thursday, October 7, 2010

RGA Video: 'Remember November'


Source: Republican Governors Association        The Republican Party is coming after the socialist. What side are you on?


  1. Demoncrats/Liberals Running For Reelection Appear To Have Forgotten To Tell Citizens Of Their Accomplishments The Last 2 Years.

    Socialized Health Insurance
    Stimulus Ouch!
    Bail Outs
    Lazered In On Jobs
    Got Economy Back On Track
    Transparentsy In Government Eliminate Ear Marks(Louisana Purchase Nebraska Bribe)For Vote On Health Care
    Sued Arizona Because Government Would Not Enforce Federal Laws
    Appoligized To Europe For Our Nation Being Arrogant
    Criminal Trials For Terrorist(Man Made Disaster)

    Just A Few But On The Bright Side Regime Did Get The Nobel Peace Prize From Europe.

    November Is A Start But We Have Long Road Ahead To Repair Damage.

  2. AL you always say the right thing. I'm so glade that we have such eclectic readers and commenters on this blog.


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