Thursday, October 7, 2010

WATCH: Union Militants Storm New Haven City Hall


New Haven, Connecticut, like so many other cities, is contending with public union contracts in the face of declining tax revenues. As a result, as is happening throughout the country, the mayor of New Haven is trying to re-negotiate those contracts. The public employee unions don’t like that.
On Tuesday, members of the AFSCME and UNITE-HERE stormed New Haven’s City Hall to protest.

These unions are getting out of hand. Are you ready for the time when these unions are actually told NO!? There will be violence when these union children don't get their way for once. I'm getting sick and tired of these unions bullying WE THE PEOPLE that pay their checks. I know the POS Democrats pay these unions off with our money to get their vote and to shut them up. But we are out of money and it's time we treat these unions with the same respect they have given us. We need to put pressure on our representatives to take control of these unions that have control of our purse strings. All I know is we better get ready for a Greece union reaction.

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  1. If Theres No Gravy Left In The Bowl All Ya Got Left Is The Bowl. Public Unions Are Trying To Get Blood Out Of Rock. Public Unions Do Not Seem To Understand What Private Unions Have Found Out NO Profit No Pay Increase And Possible Lay Offs..

    Public Sector As For To Long Lived Off Tax Payers With Out Regard Of Cost. Now Public Employees Must Come To Grips With What Private Sector Has Dealt With. NO Money NO Raise. Public Unions Will Turn Into Greece Type Mentality If And When They Realize Gravy Train Is Over.


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